Students, Teachers Are Back!

Mr. Griffin prepares for another day of work at OHS!

Mr. Griffin prepares for another day of work at OHS!

Ella Satterfield, Staff Writer

Students at Orange High School have officially returned for the 2017-2018 school year, leaving behind summer fun and getting straight back to work.

Seniors have already gotten back to their schoolwork for the final time in high school, including one member of the graduating class, Katie Cunningham. “This first couple of weeks has been loaded with work. Not just school work, but also college applications. Each night I probably do around one to two hours of work.”

It is not only the seniors noting the amount of work already popping up these past few weeks, as freshman Morgan Ray points out. “Math class is pretty hard. I am only in one core class this semester, but I still have one to two hours of homework a night.”

Josie Clapp, another Freshman, compares the middle school workload to the high school workload, saying that high school “has more of a workload because it’s more intense.” When asked to comment further, she explained. “In middle school, they don’t really work you as hard. But in high school, they are trying to prepare you for college and what’s going to happen in the next grade. In middle school, I maybe had thirty minutes to an hour a night; but over the course of my first few weeks of high school, I had five hours because of a history project.”

Along with students having lots of work, teachers themselves are also feeling that same amount of pressure when it comes to getting work done. “We have a lot of work at the beginning of the year,” Spanish teacher Mr. Griffin says. “There’s a lot of administrative things that we have to do and different things that don’t pertain to teaching. I’m a person who is on top of things, even if it means staying up a little bit later than usual, so I’m good.”

All of the responses from these people are all similar, especially the students. But for some staff members, there is some reasoning behind the workload that they give out.

Some, like English teacher Mrs. Meredith Connor, explains her reasoning on so little homework based on what else to do in the time that the students have with her. “I say that I have given a moderate amount of work so far. I try to keep it the same throughout the year, there are some things that have to be finished outside of class like reading. I really want students to focus on the reading outside of class so we can do other stuff in class.”

Others, such as World History teacher Mr. Gordon, have explained their reasoning rather to help out students more in the future. “I have academically challenged them. They will be better prepared for the pacing, the expectation of what they will need to know and how they will get it. So they develop their study skills and it will seem easier to remember.” Mr. Gordon ends with a motto that stands true to his teaching methods; “remember, life never gets easier; you just get better.”