School Lunches

Serenity McPherson , Writer

School lunches feed kids who don’t have food at home or forgot their lunch at home. The kids who can’t bring food from home shouldn’t have to come to school and be feed food that doesn’t look edible or tastes like cardboard.

Faith Jenkins says, “I feel like school lunches could be better. The food is not very good. They could change the food, the food tastes old, it’s cold, and it’s always the same thing all the time.”

If we are making it our job to provide kids food then we should provide them good food, different food, etc. They shouldn’t have to eat the same thing during lunch every day. Kids should come to school wanting to eat lunch instead of rather going hungry because they don’t want to eat the cafeteria food.

Dulce Robles says, “I think school lunches at Orange High are cold sometimes, soggy, and slimy. I think they don’t taste right and most of the meals have no flavor. The food tastes old and I think they need to improve.”.

If more than one student is saying that the food is disgusting then we need to make a change!