Upcoming Events at OHS

Keziah Street and Shania Bumpass

At our school (Orange High) there are a few small upcoming events. The most important one to us students is exams and for the seniors, graduation!

May 10 was wear green to celebrate mental health. The month of May is Mental Health Awareness month. I don’t think many people knew about the event but it is a serious event that should be celebrated.

On May 12 there is a Choral Concert in the OHS auditorium at 7 pm. Also, there is Durham Tech application help in the Panthers Den at lunch. Use that time to secure your spot at Durham Tech. Representatives will be there to help you and answer any questions you have.

May 9- July 1st is summer school registration. Summer school is open to students grades 9 – 12. There is 2 sessions. June 13-30 and July 11-28. All courses are offered to expect, would languages, CTE classes, and arts. Here is this link if you are interested.  bit.ly/2022OHSSummerSchool

June 3- June 9 is the end of course exams. Exams will count as 20% of your final course grade. Teacher-made exams are on June 1 and June 2. On June 1st, there are exams in 1st and 3rd blocks. On June 2nd, exams are in 2nd and 4th blocks. June 1st and 2nd are regular school days and it is required to come. ( WILL NOT BE EXCUSED.) State mandate tests are on June 3rd-7th.  June 3rd tests are English II, Math 1, and Math 3 exams only. June 6th and 7th are Biology & CTE Exams. Students that come to school without exams will go to the cafeteria for study hall. June 8- June 9th are  Make-up Exams.

June 10 is senior graduation!

We interviewed 2 students on how they felt about upcoming exams this is what they said:

” I’m really nervous about my biology exam because it’s a big test, but that’s the only exam I have to take so that’s a good thing.” – Jalia Harrison, 9

” I don’t know how I feel about our math exam being on a Friday because Friday is supposed to be a chill day but now I have to stress.” – Colton Gooch, 9