The Sweet and Sour of OHS

School Supplies Limited


Tyler Beeman, Author

During covid schools were shut down and everything became remote. Paper and pencils were put down for a while and really haven’t came back as a main materials anymore. Now everything can be done online and most are online. But what happened to the problem we had before the pandemic and covid.  Before we would always have a hard time with having markers or highlighters for students to use in the classroom. We were always out of pencils, tissues, paper, glue and other basic items for a classroom to have. If covid never came would we be in the same problem we were in the beginning of the pandemic with school supplies or would have it fixed itself.

The problem was that the school was not supplying teachers the proper items to teach multiple classes per day. This was causing some teachers to buy supplies for their classrooms with the extra money that they didn’t have. This was and still is a huge problem. If there are students that can’t afford school items already and the teachers don’t have things to use in their classroom there is a amount of people that can’t get their work done. Yes there are many more online things to be used by the teachers now than there were 2 years ago but the problem never left. Some can say it even got larger when companies shut down for months causing a large back order.

I asked 2 students if they have had a problem with school supplies this year and if so what was it. This is what they said. “I personally have only had one problem in the beginning of the year and the teacher had no scissors to cut the worksheet out.” That was Tanners response. Jesse said “I haven’t had a problem with any of that all year so if you have I feel bad for you.