Why Not Black


shania bumpass and keziah street

In the 21st century, slavery has still been a trending topic. Some people believe slavery shouldn’t be talked about because it happened so long ago. African Americans have their reasons for why slavery still plays a big part in 2022. Back in 2020 multiple African Americans were found having from trees. It was ruled a suicide but not everybody believes that people would harm themselves in public. A lot of the things that’s not happening now are similar to slavery. Police brutality is still happening and it will continue to happen. Other races have continuously said we should get over slavery because it happened so long ago and we won’t the slaves. African Americans are tired of being told how to feel a certain way about slavery. Even though it didn’t happen to us personally, it is still our background because of our race and color.

Since slavery happened African Americans are still getting treated badly. If slavery didn’t happen would we have 100% equity? People believe that since we got treated badly back then, it will continue. It’s kind of hard to just forget about something that still affects people today. Most people feel offended when other races outside of black tell us to forget about it or say slavery is old. A black person wouldn’t want to hear that from a race that started doing us bad then. It has shown that some races think they can treat us any kind of way. Slavery will forever be talked about because there’s still a pattern going on in how African Americans get treated. After slavery stopped that didn’t mean we were equal or we won’t going to get beat on or even killed anymore.

“I think slavery should still get talked about because its important to show how they been treating us from the start and I could be a slave today, we shouldn’t get over it if it can happen again”-Mariah hooker, 9. “If it was the other way around and white people were the slaves back then, I wonder how would they feel if we told them to just get over it” -Kayshawn Farrington,9. This shows that slavery still plays a big part in the 21st century and it’s just not something you move on from and forget about.