Closing In On Summer Break


As you all know we have finally reached the last full month of the school year. However, that is no reason to slack off and be lazy.

Finishing the school year strong is necessary to keep your grades up. I know it’s getting hard to actually do your work, (at least it is for me) but we all need to keep our grades up to retain our good grades.

Even if you don’t have the best grades, you still have time to raise your grades to a passing level. Getting your grades up is a good thing that should definitely be noticed and celebrated.

” Having good grades is the best way to be noticed by colleges.” – Lauren Clark

College is a new start:

College is a giant stepping stone in a person’s life. You finally have to choose what you want to do with your life instead of just completing classes that are mandatory for high school. In college, freedom is all around, which is a good thing but can also be dangerous. Freedom means more responsibility for your actions. Not going to class will mess up your grades, so slacking off in college is not the way to go.

College professors aren’t going to push you to do your work or come to class. They don’t beg you to be successful because it’s not their job to make you a good student. It’s their job to help you gain all of the tools necessary to pass the class. It’s up to you to stay focused and succeed.

College will hold you accountable and is a wake up call. if you slack off in high school and try to do the same in college you will not ever succeed.

Pull your life together and you won’t have to worry about failing or being unsuccessful.

Rising Juniors:

If you are a rising junior you have a lot of opportunities for your classes.

If you feel like getting ahead on college degrees, CCP classes is a good way to do so.

CCP is the Career College Pathway which allows you to take classes at either Durham Tech or Alamance community college. You enroll to earn an associates degree in different pathways. I myself, am currently enrolled to earn an associate in science and by the time I graduate I will only have to take two more classes to earn it. Doing CCP classes is a good way to show colleges that you are ready to succeed and it gives you an extra advantage. Using CCP will allow you to get some of your prerequisites out of the way before you get to college.

Not only do you get ahead, but your classes transfer when you move to a four year college. That basically means that when you enroll in a college, the classes you’ve taken in high school will count towards your classes in college.


Summer is right around the corner so make sure you don’t slack, you find all the opportunities you can, and you stay a wonderful student.