Why Not Black

Stereotypes Are Racism



In this 21st century stereotypes are a big thing. African Americans get called loud, ghetto and etc. This can be based on how we dress, how we talk, or anything. Even some African American men judge their own race. Other races wouldn’t want to date a black girl because were “loud”. Some jobs don’t let black girls have long weave but white people can wear their long natural hair. I think it’s the same exact thing if a white girl wears a long braid of her real hair as a black girl wearing a long braid of fake hair. A lot of stereotypes are based on where you live. Some places can be called “the ghetto”. Some stereotypes are good but still have some bad to it.

Other races may think black people do all the same thing or like the same thing. All black people don’t like chicken, watermelon, or listening to rap music. I think who you are comes from your personality and not based on your race. Another stereotype is that all black people cook good soul food which can be taken as a compliment. Black boys can sag their pants, be loud, and have tattoos and people will automatically think he’s in a gang. When a black girl talk people would say she sound white because she isn’t talking ghetto and is talking proper. I feel as if stereotypes shouldn’t be a thing because nobody is inherited to act a certain way. The way they act has to be on them.

“I think stereotypes are wrong because I personally do not act a certain way just because of my race or how I dress or where I grew up at. It’s all about me and what I choose to do” -Kamiah Whitted, 9

“I’m a boy, so stereotypes really don’t hurt me like they would hurt a girl, but that still doesn’t make it right for anybody to assume who I am just because of the color of my skin” – Kayshawn Farrington, 9