Eco-Friendly OHS


Caleb Mincey, Author

All around OHS you see sad trees, dead bushes, and lots of open space. Despite the beautiful greenhouse by the Ag building run by Mrs. Cates, there aren’t any other gardens on campus.

By incorporating one large garden or maybe even multiple gardens all around the school, it could offer a creative and sustainable way to re-vamp and modernize our school. This idea could also offer organic foods and eye-catching decorations that could be sold and given to people in town. This idea could also aid in helping with pollination systems around our school.

Along with the garden suggestion, it would be nice to have more color sprouted around the school. Adding new flower bushes or maybe even just a few singular flower plants by the doors or along the sidewalks could make a huge difference in the way our school environment feels.

“It would make it more visually appealing. I would really enjoy seeing more color around the school,” says Carly Cates, a 9th grader at OHS.

Another student, Sullivan Gaddy, said, “It would be awesome to see some color.” By adding these new plants and decorations, I believe that students and staff will enjoy the looks of the school and will alternatively be in a better mood to teach or learn regardless of how much sleep they got or the stress they are under.

Gardens, bushes, and flowers offer a great way to improve the look of the school while simultaneously boosting the moods of the students and staff on campus. While a garden could be used by the community and as a way to give back, adding fresh scenery will give the school a sense of refreshment and newness.

Maybe through a fundraiser or state funding, we could add these things to our school and completely change the setting one step at a time.