Should OHS Have More Activities?

As an Orange High Student, I’ve noticed that we rarely do activities. Where are the field trips, field days, and pep rallies? Where was the homecoming dance in October?

Yes, we had a “field day” before spring break but it wasn’t really a field day. Field days are supposed to be outside activities for the majority of the day. We had stations of small activities in the middle of the hallway, for our lunch period. I think we should have this more often just for the fun of it. But it should be changed. It’s getting hot outside which means we could do something outside.

On TikTok, I always see other schools having FUN pep rallies. There are always people, dancing, fun events, etc. Out of all my school years, we’ve done the same thing over and over again. It’s always pie the teacher in the face, a magician, an eating competition, or basketball.

I haven’t been on a field trip since 7th grade. We could go on field trips for educational purposes. We could have field trips to colleges. Not just for the upperclassmen but for everyone because we should all have college in mind and it would be good to see the experience. It would be fun to do out-of-state colleges too.

In October we had homecoming. The majority of schools have homecoming dances. Why didn’t we? I don’t know if it was because of covid or what. At the same time, most of the mask rules were lifted so I’m not sure if that was the reason. The last homecoming dance was in 2018, and the dance before that was in 2000.

We interviewed a few people, this is what they a had to say:

“More activities would make the school more fun” – Bryce Jones

“One class went on a field trip the other day but when I was in that class we didn’t have field trips.” – Nahjour Kenion, 9