The Sweet and Sour Of OHS

Was Plus Lunch a Bad Idea

The Sweet and Sour Of OHS

Tyler Beeman and

For the second semester of this school year, they introduced a new schedule for lunch and the times that lunch is served. Originally each hall had a 25-minute time for everyone to get lunch to eat it and then go back to class. Now there are two 30-minute lunchtimes where you can pick to do one or the other 30-minute time and the time you’re not at lunch you are supposed to be in a class of your selection. But most people just stay for both lunches and don’t go to any classes as there is no point.

I do think that the picking class thing should be optional as many people don’t even do the class thing now unless it’s the 30-minute open gym time. Other than that people rather sit outside for an hour or go get lunch from a fast food place. I think that to make the smart lunch better is to just take it away altogether and you can go to a class if you want to catch up on work or go to an open gym. Making people sign up for stuff to do isn’t working. And for others, there are clubs going on making class picking a thing that doesn’t happen.

Coleman said, “It depends on the day, to be honest. I like having time in the day to play basketball with my friends. But having to sign up for it every week gets annoying, and at this point, it’s too much.”

“I kinda like smart lunch, it gives me time to eat lunch and then go to a club. Sometimes only having 30 minutes for a club annoys me a little, but at least I get to be in a club for some amount of time,” Drew said.