College Scholarships For Seniors!

College Scholarships For Seniors!

Layden Charles, Author

For Seniors, the time to apply for scholarships is now. Deadlines for scholarships are coming up, so now is the chance. There are many scholarships offered by OHS and places around the Orange County area.

Some of the scholarships offered:

Creative Civitan – Withrow Memorial Scholarship 
-Target applicants: Students who are involved in community service or volunteering in any capacity. Residents of Durham, Orange, Person, and Vance Counties are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The applicant does not have to be involved in Civitan to apply.

-Scholarship amount: $1,000

-Deadline: April 29th,2022

Application link

Focus Organization, inc Scholarship

-Target applicants: African-American Female who is college-bound or planning to enroll in community college. Have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5. A graduating high school senior who attends a high school within Durham or Orange counties and has been either a) accepted into a college/university or b) plans to enroll in a community college.
Have community service hours that you can document.

-Scholarship amount: $1,000 (4 year College); $500 (Community College)

-Deadline: April 30th

The Wallace Scholarship 

-Target applicants: A young man, a prospective graduate of Orange High School, pursuing a technical degree through a community college or other such credible vocational training program.

-Scholarship amount:$500

Deadline: May 1st

Martin Luther King Jr. Edith Wiggins Scholarship 

-Target applicants: Demonstrate financial need, a high degree of volunteerism, must have strong community/school involvement, and must continue their education at an accredited college or university.

-Scholarship amount:$1,500 min.

-Deadline: May 6th

Application link

William-Daniel Chase Underhill Memorial Scholarship(Deadline May 10th)

-Target applicants:3.0 weighted GPA.An active member of FFA.Involvement in another extra-curricular activity. One page handwritten essay and one teacher recommendation.

-Scholarship amount: Unknown

-Deadline: May 10th

Leslie Richardson Memorial Swan & Sparrow Scholarship 

-Target applicants: High school seniors who plan to study music at a historically Black college or university this coming academic year (Fall 2022).

-Scholarship amount:$3,000

-Deadline: May 15th

Application link

To all the seniors at OHS getting prepared for college and applying for scholarships, good luck!