Sign Up for Journalism


Kace McAuley, Author

Journalism is a class where you get to express yourself, work with a team, or work alone. You can work with a friend, and you have the freedom to do pretty much anything with your projects and articles.

When you join journalism, you just need an B or higher in your English class (not too hard) and the ability to do work consistently and get it done on time. Meeting your deadlines is really important.

Plus, you get to work on the yearbook which is kind of cool. There is also never homework unless you don’t get your work done for the given day.

With the yearbook, taking pictures and gathering stories from students is key. If you like photography, this is also a great class for that.

It is a great opportunity to see how online design works while creating the yearbook.

After the yearbook is finished and sent in, the class focuses on personal projects. There are several project options, from doing a blog or vlog to photojournalism. There is even an option to do a sales project.

You should most definitely consider choosing this class for one of your electives.