2022-2023 Class Registration

Caleb Mincey and Karley Neighbours

As this school year comes to an end, we are now completing our class registration for the next school year. Students, like ourselves, are anxious to see what next year brings for our academics and social lives.

Last week, students were sent home with a paper copy of the classes they chose for next year by their 4th-period teacher. Students need to make sure to get this form back to that teacher by Friday, April 29th signed by a parent or guardian indicating that the classes they chose were right for them. If a student or parent/guardian wishes to change a course, they need to manually change it on the form with the class that they want instead. If additional assistance is needed for this process, please refer to the 2022-2023 High School Curriculum and Registration Guide.  Here is the link. It is vital to the master scheduling system that all of the courses that students want to take are returned to ensure that everyone gets in the classes they want and will be invested in.

There is also a great amount of pressure on a lot of students to take advanced courses that they aren’t particularly interested in. ” I think it’s too much of like a “you need this to be successful in life” type of thing. ” says Abby Adams, a 9th grader at OHS. “It’s like if you’re not in advanced classes you’re not smart type of thing. It’s like that, instead of a like this is a class that is going to challenge you but it’s gonna help you learn more than what you would in honors by challenging you in a special way.” It can be a lot, but if you think you can do it, take an advanced class. It may be a lot of work and time, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

“I feel exited to try new classes and to learn new material” says Mary Fonseca, another 9th grader at OHS about her feelings toward the classes shes taking next year. Another student, Bryce Guinness, said “I am exited for all of the elective options I had and what I chose. I am a little worried for Math 3 though.”