Should Late work be Accepted?


Caleb Mincey, Author

It is very apparent that we are all very stressed and overworked. Teachers, office workers, and students are all being put under a lot of stress with little time to complete a lot of these tasks assigned by people higher than themselves. With loads of outside-of-school additions like extracurriculars, jobs, a busy home life, and bad mental health, students are struggling to meet deadlines and complete assignments on time. Teachers are even being told that they should accept late work, considering all of this. Dispit that recommendation, some teachers just won’t do it. But what do actual OHS students think about deadlines and turning assignments in on time?

According to Elyse Caligan, a 9th grader at OHS, “I think that teachers should accept late work because they need to realize that students have lives outside of school and they don’t always have time.” She continued saying, “Unless the work is just a careless, repeated mistake, which I don’t think it is okay.” Sydney Baker, another 9th grader at Orange said “I think teachers should be flexable on students turning in late work. I understand if they want and explanation.” She continued, “Students have busy schedules and it can be difficult to get everything done on time. Teachers have to remember that students have work from other classes too, and it all adds up and becomes a lot with not a lot of time to do it.” It is now obvious that students have large opinions on this matter and the adults in charge should listen.

The way that I see it, late work can be a result of one or two things, laziness or the literal inability to complete it on time do to anything that could prevent them from completing it. I think that students that have these things conflicting with their studies should be allowed to use it to their advantage. With that, I think that a lot of students that don’t have these problems would use abuse it to continue their laziness. To solve that, a parent or guardian should be able to sign a piece of paper or online sheet, indicating that they do have these issues and conflictions going on. Along with this, a lot of teachers could be a lot more understanding and flexiable. No matter the case, not everyone goes home right after school and has 5-6 hours to do homework. Not including the fact that we don’t wanna do the work anyways. Most students are very stressed and overworked as it is, we should be allowed to go at our own pace and school should really try and emphiziz the importance of actually learning and not just getting a good grade just to forget about it the next week. I know that for me, that’s exactly what it’s like.