New Hall Pass System in OHS


Tyler Beeman, Author

When students returned from the extended Easter weekend there were some new rules. If a student needs to use the bathroom the pass they receive has the hall number they are on with the teachers name and class number. If they are caught in a hall that does not match the pass they will get in school suspension. Also if you are constantly leaving the same room at the same time each day you will be written up and they will call the students parents to the school to have a parent teacher conference. This is not preventing any of the vaping/smoking that is happening in the bathroom and kids are still leaving the room for 40 minutes to “Use the bathroom.” If you put the pass down on the sink so that you can use the bathroom people are stealing them.

Some of the other rules that and under this big rule is that you may not use the bathroom during the first 10 minutes of class, only one student out of the room at a time, students must sign out and sign back in when leaving and returning, and all students need to be showing the hall pass when in the hall. There are signs on every bathroom door saying what hall this bathroom belongs to. As far as I have seen there is no one enforcing this rule as I have seen many kids go to whatever bathroom they want with passes that don’t match the hall. I personally think this rule wasn’t thought threw the most but that’s just me.

Today I asked the simple question of do you like the new hall pass system? Deacon said “No because it doesn’t stop the people from walking around and vaping.” “People still wander around and are still gone for 40 minutes of class.” Is what Grey said.