Should Underclassmen Be Able To Attend Prom?

Should Underclassmen Be Able To Attend Prom?

Layden Charles, Author

OHS Prom 2022 is right around the corner and opinions have arisen about if underclassmen should be allowed to attend prom. And as we know sophomores are allowed to go to prom if they are asked by a senior or a junior.

But prom is seen as a last hurrah for seniors. And just like seniors, underclassmen should wait their turn. Senior Shyrell Maitra thinks that prom is a celebration for upperclassmen getting through high school and it takes away from that opportunity by inviting underclassmen. “If they’re letting every grade in, they should’ve just made it an open dance rather than a prom,” said Maitra.

Other students seem to not mind it as much since some upperclassmen are in relationships with underclassmen. Also, some underclassmen feel left out, but they will have their time. It’s nothing against underclassmen. Some think they may be too immature and are quite new to the school, unlike upperclassmen. Most people think junior/senior year is the time and place for prom.

Let’s not forget to mention the cost of prom. Apparently, the average cost to go to prom is $900. And unless an underclassmen’s parent is willing to pay that much each time they go to prom, they should probably wait. At the end of the day, prom is a privilege.