The Sweet And Sour of OHS

Up to Code Update?


Tyler Beeman, Author

In this weeks article I will be pointing out some of the obvious things that need to be updated to be up to code and safe for use for years to come.

This is my opinion and I do know that the building has to be up to code for when it was built and then slight changes recently. First I think they need to closely look at all electrical outlets and panels as I have seen exposed hot and neutral wires that can be easily touched by a student. In one of the science rooms on the 400 hall the covers to the floor outlets are not screwed on and since they are not flush with the floor the covers easily get kicked off. Now they technically are up to code but they are not safe for an environment with many children. I think if a teacher called OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) the school would not pass inspection to the mandates by OSHA but, OSHA does not have any rule over public buildings making it illegal for them to do anything. The cast iron drain pipes are not going to be usable in years to come. At the moment there is rust on the outside of the pipe which means its leaking and its been painted over before which means also they were trying to hide the pipes problems.

When asked what could Orange County Schools do to improve the electrical, plumbing, and ect. Araya said “I think that the plugs need to be fixed the most because when I need to charge my laptop they never work.” “They need to fix the problems with the bathrooms first then they can work on other things like the plugs. I went into one bathroom where the light switch was stolen from it and the lights wouldn’t work.” Is what Wyatt said.