The Sweet and Sour of OHS

Can Improvements on Bathrooms be Made?


Tyler Beeman, Author

Today I will be addressing the problems that I think should be fixed for the bathrooms. This is my opinion so some people will not agree with the reasons I think things should be fixed.

For one I think that they need to put stronger rules of the smoking/vaping/whatever other illegal substances that are being used. It gives the bathroom bad smell of vape berry. Also to not include the constant smell of urine would be outrageous. When covid came everyone was told to wash your hands with hot water and soap or hand sanitizer but at this school there is neither available to students in bathrooms and no hot water anywhere. I think a big improvement would be to upgrade the size of the dividers between each toilet and add ones for the unrials. It can be very uncomfortable when a random kid is trying to stare you you while you are using the bathroom.  And my last improvement would be to upgrade the smoke detectors and instead of just a $500 fine and up to 10 days suspension give them a $1000 fine and be expelled from Orange High School. That rule change people’s thinking about vaping and smoking in the bathroom after they see one or two people get expelled.

I don’t really think there can be an augment for the side of the bathrooms should stay the same and no rule changes at all but thats me. When asked what needs to be improved/fixed to bathrooms Jed Tilly said “Everything needs to be fixed.” Kace McAuley said “Literally everything. could be improved in the bathrooms.” In conclusion I think that most everyone can agree Orange county needs to give funding to improve bathrooms and Orange High School needs to crack down much harsher on the vape and smoking in the bathrooms.