Track and Field makes a Comeback


Caleb Mincey, Author

With Covid-19 taking the country by storm and forcing us out of school in March of 2020, extra-curricular and sports were shut down with it.  With all going on in the world today, students are looking for outlets to help keep them in shape and with positive mindsets. Although not completely back to normal, with the new 2021-2022 school year being back in-person, sports are making a comeback, spring track included. While some students and parents might have problems with the school board allowing us to jump back into sports education, students are very pleased with their decision.

Now that February is upon us, winter track is coming to an end and student-athletes are preparing for the highly anticipated spring track season. Students who were unable to be a part of the track team due to covid restrictions last year are very excited to get back to work. “I think that track is a great sport,” says Orange High sophomore Kathryn Scully, a jumper for the Orange high track team, “It is a great community”. Samiya Baldwin, another Orange High sophomore had this to say as well, “I like track because it keeps me in shape and I get to meet new people.” She, like myself, is excited to represent our fantastic sports program here at Orange.

With warmer weather coming soon, I and numerous others are ready to continue our track journeys. From my personal experience, track and field is a very positive and lively community. Everybody is there to get better and with a few friendly races here and there, it is a very supportive place to work and train to get better at what you love. Coach Schneidewind is a great coach that will always tell you if you are doing good or if you need to work on something. I speak for myself and others when I say that while it can be very challenging, track is worth it.