Spring Sports available to OHS Students


Kace McAuley, Author

At OHS in the spring there are lots of options for sports available to the students. For Boys the sport options are: Baseball, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis and Track. For girls the options are: Lacrosse, Softball, Track and Soccer. All students are encouraged to try out for a sport, but don’t feel pressured, for the sports are there for the students that want to play them!

Baseball tends to be a popular pick among boys at OHS. Our baseball team has been a top team in our conference for the past years and probably the schools most known for sport. One of our freshman at OHS said “I am really excited to tryout for and play for the OHS golf team this year, I have always had an interest in golf and now I get to play it!” Another junior playing for the women’s softball team said “I’m excited for this year, I think we can be really good!”

Another growing sport this year is Lacrosse. Lacrosse this year has almost twice as many people interested than last year, and Lacrosse is a sport that both boys and girls can try out for and compete in. Fun fact about spring sports; there are actually more options in spring then in winter or fall, so spring is the best time to compete in a sport representing Orange!

There are plenty of opportunities at OHS for sports, if there isn’t any spring sports that you enjoy then you can always choose to play a sport in the fall or winter next year! If you are interested in a spring sport make sure to get in contact with someone immediately. I’ve found that the best people to contact is the front office for they can always help you, or email the athletic director Mr. McCauley and he can help you get in contact with the coach.