Have OHS Instagram Accounts Gone Too Far?


Rachael Quinn

Recently, it has become a trend to make Instagram accounts for your school, many of which can be considered immature. There are lots of Orange High School accounts, including @orangebadparking. Some of these accounts are harmless, but the ones that are meant to target people’s looks aren’t okay.

“I think the accounts started off kind of funny but some people took them way out of proportion and they started becoming rude and mean,” said Tylinn Hamlett, a freshman at OHS. “I thought one of the accounts was really mean and it could have made the people on it really upset.”

Some of the accounts have since been removed from the platform.

“I don’t mind,” said Ava Grasty, a sophomore who was featured on an account. “Actually, I thought it was pretty funny. But the account is private, and they wouldn’t accept my follow request. If you’re gonna post pictures of people without their consent, at least make it a public account. I’m glad my face wasn’t on the post though. If it was, I would have very different feelings about it.”

Some of the accounts are only meant to be funny and have harmless intentions. I asked the owner of one account who wanted to remain anonymous how they feel about running one of these accounts.

“Personally, I don’t think my specific account hurts anybody since I’m just getting pictures of things around the school. But there are definitely some accounts that are very bad. Thankfully, some of the mean accounts have been taken down, and the people running them have been reprimanded.”

Hopefully, this trend will die out soon and all of the immature and hurtful accounts will be taken down. High school students are known to be mean sometimes, and these accounts are an example of one of the mean things they can do. Some joking accounts are okay, but most of them have gone too far.