Test Taking Tips

Arlen Gonzalez Romo


A test or examination is an educational assessment intended to measure a test-taker’s knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics.  Teachers teach content then test students. Tests are used to measure students’ understanding of specific content or the effective application of critical thinking skills. Such tests are also used to evaluate student learning, skill level growth and academic achievements at the end of an instructional period

Students need more active learning strategies like frequent practice quizzes. Tests can be especially beneficial if they are given frequently and provide near-immediate feedback. This retrieval practice can be as simple as asking students to write down two to four facts from the prior day.

Many students have their own way of learning and studying for these tests.

Test taking tips and strategies have been given to us from students at Orange Highschool 

  • Study the notes previously taken in class. In some classes we get a review sheet so it’s good to work on it.
  • For major tests,  go over basics and try to memorize key things with flashcards or do basic study by doing problems or reading.
  • listen to music, grab a snack, study somewhere outside your room.
  • Cancel out answers you know are completely wrong
  • Write what you remember on the side so you can look back on it while doing a test
  • Study for a couple minutes each day so that you get it carved into your brain
  • Ask for a study guide if not make one for yourself

I personally recommend Quizlet. Quizlet is a good and helpful way to study, it has helped many people like me do last minute review and studying, plus it is free and you can use it on your school computer or also download the app on your electric device.