What are High Schoolers Wearing?

As we slowly revert back to normal life, we start to become much more observant of what our peers are wearing. High school is a great time to experiment with styles of fashion, hair, and makeup. From what I’ve seen, many students are going back to older trends from the 90’s and early 2000’s and incorporating them into their everyday style. This time period is even bleeding in to our music taste and media we consume.

Skating culture and fashion was a huge part of the early 2000’s. We can see heavy influences from black fashion as well as Chicano culture. Baggy clothes, snap back hats, and studded belts can be seen in all kinds of different styles of fashion. I think it’s very interesting to see how we’re going back to older trends and using that to create our own version of all of them together. 

Thrifting has become one of teen’s favorite hobbies outside of school and can likely be credited to the rise of older fashion trends. On the complete opposite side, we have teens growing an interest for high fashion and luxury brands like supreme or off-white. With these opposing sides existing at once, you can only imagine how fashion will change and look like in the future when our generation is mainly responsible for new trends and styles. 

Fashion has always been a way for students to express themselves but I think that means more now than ever. Before the pandemic, I think students felt a bit more socially pressured to fit in and wear what everyone else is wearing. Today, I see so many different styles that it seems to me like students feel much more comfortable expressing themselves and their self expression has become a much more important part of their identity due to feeling isolated during quarantine. As we move on, I hope to see more self expression not only from my peers, but from younger generations. Finding out what you find important to your identity is so important and making this realization earlier in life can solve many smaller issues we might miss on first glance.