Christmas Traditions at Orange High School


Griffin Hauser, Lucas Young, and Jack Rome

Christmas is a special time for those who celebrate it, and everybody does so in a different way. Each family has unique traditions. Some have been passed down through families for generations, and still continue to this day.

Freshman Jack Rome said, “I remember growing up every single year, even though most people do not do it anymore, we do an advent calendar and we count down the days till Christmas and open the little doors and get a little treat.” 

Many people go to visit their families during Christmas time. For instance, Otto Willer, a junior, goes to visit his grandparents, where his cousins “used to make me believe that they were zombies.”

Rowen McCuallum said, “ Every year my mom makes pudding in November and leaves it to ferment until Christmas. After dinner, we pour brandy on it and set it on fire, then eat it”

Griffin Hauser a ninth-grader said “Every year on Christmas eve we go to my aunt and uncle’s house and all my relatives come and my grandpa cooks a beef tenderloin on the frill for us all to eat. Then on Christmas day my grandparents come to my house and we all have Christmas dinner”.

Lucas Young said that he visits “my grandparents who live downstate in the village of Pinehurst, and my great grandfather, as well as my Aunt and Uncle. When we visit my aunt and uncle we do a white elephant gift exchange. White Elephant is a gift exchange where you pick a random unknown wrapped gift, and someone may steal it from you, which allows you to pick another gift. It is fun for the whole family, we all love it.”

Different kinds of students have different kinds of traditions, and many people at Orange High School celebrate Christmas very differently. And all kinds of Christmas traditions are welcome at our school.