Self Expression In Our School

Cody Burkhead, Staff

How do we express ourselves in School and how do some people get bullied for it? From asking around the school many people don’t express themselves in school out of fear of being bullied or judged. School should be a place of diversity and freedom. It should be a place where kids should be able to have the opportunity to express themselves freely and live their truth without fear of being made fun of. School has a lot of different communities and ethnicities none of us are exactly alike and we usually pair with groups of people that are similar to us where we feel the safest.

For example most of our LGBT community at school band together to feel safe and heard without being judged.;unfortunately, not everyone has a safe place throughout the school or most don’t express themselves and truly come out of their shell out of fear of losing friends or being laughed at. 

Ways that some of our students express themselves freely is with fashion or with hair and accessories and makeup. A new way that some of our students express themselves is through masks. Some have custom masks that have a flag or a movement or something similar to show their support and beliefs. 

While expressing ourselves with fashion it helps us feel more confident and it helps us find ‘our people’. By using makeup or other things like dying your hair is another form of self expression used a lot in our school. Hair cuts or colors can show us in different phases of who we are and it makes us feel more like ourselves. Many people use makeup in our school once again to project our confidence or to make us more interesting. 

Personally, as someone who identifies as male I’ll come to school wearing makeup not only as a way to be more confident but as a way of rebelling and feeling like me. When I wear makeup I feel bold and confident, and I feel more like myself. I can change my makeup to make me look more feminine or masculine depending on how I want to look. I was once afraid to express myself but slowly I came out of my shell and I feel so much better.