Last Year’s Yearbook Finally Getting to Students


Lucas Young and Jack Rome

After an extra year of waiting, the 2020-2021 Orange High School yearbook is finally getting to our students. Its arrival has been anticipated and now it will be arriving at the school on Tuesday, December 7.

The yearbook team has been tirelessly working at the yearbook for a year now, and are excited to present the final product to the anxiously awaiting public. The title of the yearbook is Keep It Real, because the yearbook reminds us of the challenges we had to overcome last year, rather than showing us a perfect version of the school year.

The yearbooks will be coming into the school on Monday and distributed on the 7th, which is Tuesday. Distribution will happen during lunch, and those who have not bought a yearbook will be able to buy the leftovers from pre-orders at an increased price. The yearbook covers the last school year of 2020-2021, so grades 10 and higher are advised to pick up a copy, and freshmen have no need to do so.

The yearbook is 195 pages long, and details the ups and downs of classes on Zoom, as well as detailing the semi in-person teaching that had started for the first time in over a year. “It’s cool that we have this lost year of school finally in print,” said Sean Adams, a junior.

Sawyer Hughes, a sophomore, said, “Yeah, I’m excited”. This will be his and all the other sophomores’ first high school yearbook. The yearbook had to be postponed due to the special conditions of the last school year. 

According to Mrs. Stephens, “The yearbook staff was entirely virtual,” making things like interviewing other students difficult. This also meant the yearbook staff could not take pictures, relying on the student body to send in pictures. However, the yearbook staff did a fantastic job.”