The Pets of Orange High School


Lucas Young and Jack Rome

Sixty seven percent of homes inside of the United States of America have a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association, and the students of Orange High School also have plenty of pets at home. 


The most common pet in the United States of America is a dog, according to WorldAtlas. Cats follow closely behind. Animals like lizards or turtles aren’t as plentiful, but are still common, and I wanted to see what kind of pets the students of Orange High School have at home. 


Alajah Timmons, a sophomore, has a pit bull, a breed of dog. The dog is 3 months old and named “Ace”. One of Alajah’s best moments with Ace was when she first got him. Alajah recalls that “He was so small and sweet.” Ace is still a puppy, but he’s grown very large.


Another student has a pet cat named “Miley” . He recalls a time once when his cat jumped onto his bed, and then bit his nose. Despite this, the student still loves his cat dearly. The cat, Miley, is a short haired cat, and she is 2 years old. 


There are all kinds of people in our school, and so there are all kinds of pets. Some people prefer dogs or cats. But all these pets, just like our students, can be considered members of the OHS family.