Eating In This Freezing Weather

Bring a jacket!


Alajah Timmons, Staff Writer

Well, hello, November. Don’t we just love your weather? Bring us a temperature that won’t be higher than 50, leaving students and teachers bundled up in jackets and layers of clothes. Okay, yes, that’s kinda dragging it, but you know that feeling when you walk outside and you get the cold breeze in your face. My question is will the administration still have students eating outside in the cold weather?

Early in the school year, they made it mandatory to eat outside only. Students are not allowed to eat inside the cafeteria area due to covid restrictions. But the school just made it public that we don’t have any restrictions outside for covid now.

An email was sent out to all students from Amanda Bunch on November 5, 2021, about the weather changes and having the school delayed and possibly closed. Nothing on lunch and keep students warm doing those hours.

Of course, we are going to see changes within the school down the line with having colder weather.  Some students are feeling the need to open back up the cafeteria this week.

Teachers that are on watch duty tend to say, “We will be fine eating outside.” Is it because of a bigger mess that students are going to leave inside the cafeteria? Are we short on staff to help watch students eat?

Jada Reed (11): “I walked outside for 2 seconds and went back inside, It was so cold outside. I don’t see how other students eat lunch outside.”

India Goldsmith (10): “Oh no, I won’t be eating outside in that weather. I just eat when I can during class, so I won’t be hungry.” 

Conner Pettiford (12): “I don’t even eat lunch outside anymore; It would help opening back up the cafeteria for students and staff so we won’t have to eat outside.”