Mental Health Week?


How do you feel about mental health breaks? Chapel Hill Schools are creating a week for students and teachers to take a week for their mental health. They also had implemented a rule that teachers were not allowed to give out homework till the eighth of November. Other counties have started to follow the trend with mental health days. Some of these counties include Wake, Johnston, Durham, Alamance and more. Orange County schools have yet to announce anything but hopefully they will see what other Counties are doing for their students.

Personally, I think that we should be given a week off for mental health. This year mental health has been awful, 10.6 percent of the youth in America is or has dealt with severe depression. Being in virtual school for about a year and a half and then jumping straight back into normal school can be stressful and is a big change for so many people. I asked some people in the halls their thoughts on getting a week for mental health.

The first person I interviewed was Savannah Knight, eleventh grade.
“I think we should definitely get a week off for mental health, everybody is stressed and people are falling behind with their work. A full week would give us time to catch up and chill out.”

The next person I got was Lupe Muoz, twelfth grade, similar to Savannah she thought we should get off. “I’ve heard so many people talking about committing suicide and being stressed about other things. Two weeks ago there was a kid who committed suicide on the ACC bridge because he was stressed at school.”

Lastly, I interviewed Savannah Kelle, tenth grade. “I think that we should do that, it would be beneficial because most kids I’ve talked to are overwhelmed in school.”

As you can see here people are definitely struggling under the workload of school. Most people agree that a simple week break could help a lot in the long run. In total people should not be committing suicide but it should one hundred percent should not be school related. School should be a place of peace and learning rather than a place where people struggle even more.