Football Brings Us Together


Elliott Alder



Football is an important part of the Orange High School culture. During the games that happen about once a week, Students are attracted to themes, football games, and halftime shows that contribute to the draw of students and parents alike. It brings the people of OHS together to be entertained.

Seemingly every football game held on the Panthers’ field is watched by a full stadium of spectators. With a large student band, football games, themes, and more it’s not hard to see why. Without much else to see or do after a long week of school, many students like to attend the games with friends and family while watching the events take place.

Spencer, a freshman student on the J.V. football team attends the games for the energetic crowds. Spencer played football in the 2021 season as a right offensive tackle.

“I like [the games] because of the people that come to watch the games and cheer us on,” said Spencer.

Tony Newman, also a freshman, goes to catch up on the latest news and drama. “[I go for] the environment, to see what’s going on,” said Tony.

Dustin Spence, a student at OHS, goes for the friends. “[I go] to hang out with my friends and have a good time,” said Dustin.

Mr Xavier, a teacher at OHS, goes to see his students. “I go to support my students because I care about them,” said Mr Xavier.