Student Body Readies for Second Quarter


Rachael Quinn

The last day of the first 9 weeks is on Friday, October 22. Grades will be finalized, and students will get a long weekend due to teacher workdays on the 25th and 26th. Teachers will be preparing new content and lessons for the second quarter on those days.

Personally, I feel like this quarter has gone by very quickly and it kind of felt rushed. However, I’m happy with my grades and how many new friends I’ve made. I feel like the amount of work teachers have been assigning is reasonable. On most nights, I don’t have more than half an hour of homework. I’m glad that things are finally starting to go back to normal.

I asked Rowen McCallum (10) how she felt about this first quarter. “I think this year has started off kind of chaotic, but it’s slowly calming down. It’s been hard getting back to normal because of masks and Covid related stuff, especially with the football games and the problems in the student section. I’m comfortable with the amount of work I’ve been assigned besides in my math class because it’s virtual and I don’t do well with virtual classes.”

Setting goals is a great way to help yourself succeed. It can help you manage your time better and motivate you to get things done. I asked two people what their goals for the next quarter are.

Otto Willer (11): “I want to bring myself closer to graduating on time.”

Tylinn Hamlett (9): “I want to stay on top of my world history work a bit more because it’s really easy to fall behind in that class. I also want to keep getting good grades in my theater class because it’s one of my favorite classes.”

For this next quarter, I’m hoping to keep getting good grades and get involved in some sort of extracurricular activities. I also want to study harder for my math class.

After the second quarter is finished, the first semester will be done as well. Students will have a fresh start with new classes. It’s a great chance to make new friends and find out what you’re interested in.