We Need More Sleep

Elliott Alder

Schools are bad. I do not say this because I dislike them; I say it because they are fundamentally flawed, disorganized, and inefficient. Students are not getting enough sleep, students are depressed, anxious, and tired. Students are dying from driving while sleep-deprived and suicidal every day. Something needs to change.

In 2015 the CDC analyzed data from surveys taken across the United States and discovered 72.7% of high school students did not get the daily recommended amount of sleep. This is up around 22% since the 1990s.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 100,000 car accidents every year can be attributed to lack of sleep. Reduced sleep limits your cognitive senses and abilities leading to delayed reaction time. 

Anti-Anxiety medications can also limit your ability to react in time and properly to sudden changes. Sleep deprivation and anxiety have been linked by many school studies including one by Harvard and another by Stanford. School and overwork is one of the leading causes of anxiety.

Depression and sleep deprivation have also been linked by many sources including the previously mentioned schools. Depression is known to cause many issues including suicidal thoughts, self-harm, harm to others, and dissociation. If ignored this can lead to school shootings and suicides as well as cause other students to become anxious.

School needs desperately to change. It cannot continue as a dysfunctional, harmful place. School has lost its sole purpose. It has become increasingly difficult to learn and grow as a human being. It is not the student’s job to work around bad school systems.