Women Tennis Bouncing Back


Zoe Van Tubbergh

This past Friday the Orange High School tennis team went to the conference match. Two girls, Finley White and Grace Pell were seeded for singles.One doubles team also seeded: Erinn Sollars and Jera Hargrove, and another doubles team also played: Téa Jones and Shannon Sollars. Seeded is when the player or players have a winning streak or play enough that they can skip the first round of the tournament and move straight to the second round. 

Shannon and Téa start off for Orange. They played two girls from Northwood. They won their match so that means they went on to the next round. Both doubles teams started the second round off first. Shortly after, Finley and Grace started their singles match. Both of our doubles teams played William High school. Finley played Northwood, and Grace played Williams. 

All the girls won their matches. This means that the Orange High School tennis team went undefeated in the conference. This also makes us the only team who went undefeated in this conference. Since these girls won, they are now moving on to regionals. 

I asked Erinn Sollars her thoughts on winning her conference match and moving onto regionals.

“I think it’s an accomplishment for the Orange tennis team and we should be proud of ourselves for making it this far, and I think a lot of people don’t realize how big this is for tennis. Tennis is not a sport people think about so it doesn’t get as much recognition.” 

I wanted to see if Erinn was right about people not knowing about the tennis team. I went into the halls and asked Lucas Young and Johan Ruyz if they knew anything about tennis. 

“I know that they play tennis, I think the season is going well. I know that they practice in the fall season.” Lucas

“ I just know that they are really good. I only know this because of the announcer. I don’t know anything else.” Johan

As you can see no one knew anything. The things they did know was from the 2 second announcements. 

Either way the tennis team did so amazing at the conference they made it to playoffs.  The women’s tennis team hasn’t made it to the playoffs in years and years. The school should be very proud of these girls and what they have accomplished.