New Schedule Adds 2 Blocks on Fridays


Lucas Young and Jack Rome

Starting on Friday, October 22, Orange High students will be introduced to a new seven-period schedule, giving them time on Fridays to go to clubs, do homework, and receive tutoring from their teachers.

7 Block will be in place of fifth period and consist of three 30-minute periods with courses that students can choose themselves. 

On Friday, October 15, students learned how to sign up for 7 Block courses and signed up for the next two weeks.

The new schedule applies only to Fridays and will affect the scheduling of other classes and lunch. Whereas classes from Monday to Friday will remain as lasting 80-90 minutes, classes on Fridays will be shortened to 55 minutes. There will be two lunch periods instead of four with a combined A and B lunch and a combined C and D lunch. Each lunch period will be 30 minutes long. 

The reason for this new schedule can be traced back to the previous hour-long Plus Lunch plan. During Plus Lunch, students were supposed to accomplish the same things as this new schedule intends, but the time was often not used well, and COVID issues made the same plan impossible for this school year.

The new schedule is meant to “offer intervention time during the school day,” according to Ms. Medlin. The new schedule also ensures that students will properly use the intervention periods, instead of taking the entire hour-long period to eat their lunch.

On Fridays, students will choose where they want to go for 5th, 6th, and 7th periods. Leaving school early is not an option. The remainder of the week will use the same five-period schedule.

Already, the news of this new schedule has brought negative opinions from students. Isabelle Rogers, a sophomore, had this to say. “I hate it.”