7 Blocks is Too Many


Brianna Stepp and Alajah Timmons

This Friday instead of the fifth period, we will be having an advisory period explaining changes to schedule the following week. 

For the new 7-block schedule on Fridays, we can pick one or more clubs to attend or we can meet with teachers to get extra help for our classes.  There are a bunch of clubs to choose from but, depending on the club, students could very easily skip attending. I don’t think it’s worth it to add a 7th period because I don’t think a lot of people will use it as it is intended.

I feel that having 7th blocks on Friday is not going to change the fact that students are skipping or being late. Most students are not excited about school; how could adding more classes to their day change that? Yes, we get to pick classes we want to go to, but the popular courses will fill up fast, leaving everyone else to choose things like study hall or a club they aren’t really excited about. 

What we need is more structure in the current 5-block schedule. Most students are uncomfortable with even coming to school during covid, staying at school for 8 hours Monday through Friday with no break. Have students come to school for their four core classes, and use the 5th block only for students that are failing or need to make up absences. The students that are on top of their work should be able to go home. Instead of getting out at 4:15, students who are doing well in school could leave at 2:15. 

Allowing students with passing grades to leave early would motivate more students to be in classes and get their work done so that they can go home earlier. The students who need to be in the 5th block class will be in class and the ones who don’t can be rewarded.