Foods Class Teaches the Basics


Erinn Sollars and Mia Leathers

If you’re a terrible cook, Orange High has the perfect class for you! The Foods and Nutrition class teaches students to cook for the future and learn about the nutrition behind their meals.  

The purpose of Foods class is to teach students how to cook and prepare food.

Last week, students made taco salad. As they cooked, students were graded on how they prepare and cook the food. Grading the food the students made will teach students what they did wrong and how to better cook the meal. After they created their taco salad, the students got to enjoy the food they had made.

Kendall Skaggs, 10th grader in Foods class, said, “We learn how to work together. It’s bonding to learn how to cook.  We learn about recipes and real-life cooking skills.”

Foods class can also be very important for the future. It teaches students about healthy and balanced diets, knowledge students can use for the rest of their lives.

If students would like to pursue a career in culinary arts in the future, this class is a great place to start. Lastly, it teaches students basic cooking skills they could use in everyday life when they become more independent. 

Sophomore Jace Womble said, “This class could help in the future so that I can cook stuff. I know more about nutrition, and I know how to make Orange Julius.”

Taking Foods class is a good way for students to be more independent young adults. Students taking this class will learn basic needs when cooking and to cook for themselves.

Students often take this class because they think it’ll be an easy A, but they don’t realize how this class will prepare better for the future. Isaiah Johnson, 10th grader, said, “I took Foods class so I can cook, and it’s fun.”

This class teaches students the basic skills to prepare a good healthy meal. Foods is a fun way for students to get involved with cooking for themselves and being more independent.