Give 7th Block a Chance

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Practice makes perfect
December 3, 2021

The rumors are true, a 7-block schedule will start on Friday, October 15. Some of you might think this is a bad thing, but what if it wasn’t as bad as you thought? What if it turns out having 7 blocks on Fridays will actually be great? I’m going to prove to you how awesome 7 blocks can be for you!

First of all, having 7 blocks on Fridays can help you succeed by offering time to get help on an assignment or study for a test. 7 Block will allow teachers to help students make wise decisions that can benefit them in the future. Students will be able to seek support, get help, and get tutoring.

Principal Jason Johnson agrees that 7 Block will be a success-building opportunity. “Students will get the foundational support academically that they will need to be successful in the future.” Students will receive options for college planning, career planning, and academic success classes.”

Secondly – and here’s the best part – the new 7 Block schedule will offer in-school opportunities to do more of the things that students find fun. Clubs will be meeting on Fridays, and several new activities will be introduced, like yoga and board games.

“Students will get the opportunity to sign up for courses that they want to go to,” explained Mr. Johnson. “This would be good for students because they can choose a course that interests them and learn at the same time.”

In my opinion, 7 Block will help students become better adults and allow teachers to teach them how to make good decisions for their future.

If you are still unsure about the positives of 7 Block, think of it as a club that you can be a part of. Just give 7 Block a chance because, in the end, it’s something new, and who couldn’t use a change every now and then?