OHS Marching Band Marching Through the Year

Lucas Young and Jack Rome

The marching band is still going on as strong as ever in Orange High. So far they’ve played at games and done a competition on the Twenty fifth of last month, with plans for another on the ninth, and the band has shown us a lot of talent. The players practice very hard to perfect their marching and playing. 


At the moment, the marching band is focusing on emotions for the pieces they play. They are using the emotions happiness, love, hope, and joy. Happiness is reflected in the piece “Happiness”, love in “Here & Now”, hope in “Bridge over Troubled Waters”, and joy is reflected in “Joy Revisited”.


Marching band is both a class and an extracurricular, you practice in class and get a high school credit, but also stay after school and practice late into the afternoon on some days. The band director, Mr.Noe, described the practice of the songs as “Breaking things apart to make it better.”


They have to learn not only how to play their songs, but they also learn proper marching technique, and this year, they have to wear special masks. These masks have a flap in the front, allowing the players to put their instrument through. Players also put a “bell cover” over the bell of their instrument. The bell is the part of the instrument where the sound comes out. This, along with the masks, prevents stray spit in the instrument from escaping, keeping our band safe and healthy.


Despite the long hours of practice and new regulations, marching band players are having a good time. One student, Sean Adams, a Junior, said that marching band was “Great fun this year”, and he hopes more people will join the band. Sean is a section leader, and plays bass clarinet.


The Marching band plays at most major sports games, some home at Orange, and some away. In the band there are “section leaders”, people who lead the people of the same instrument in playing, and the players in that section may look to the leader for guidance. There are also drum majors, leaders who help with the day to day flow of the band, as well as conduct the players.