Late buses at OHS


Griffin Hauser, Author

After the first week of school multiple buses arrive at school some mornings late. Some students need to be exempt from receiving a tardy on their attendance because it is not their fault that the bus was late.

One student that rides bus 87 says ¨ We get to school around nine one  ost days but every couple of days we are late 5 to 10 minutes¨ He says ¨ I do not get marked tardy but I do not know what we are working on and need to get a classmate to help me¨ The bus has been as late as 40 minutes late before. ¨I live 15 minutes away from school. It should not take that long to get there every day¨.

One solution is to get more busses and more bus drivers. This would make the routes shorter for each bus. It would also make each bus less crowded on the inside. It would also mean students can get home faster to study and do homework for school.  It may cost more taxpayer money but it will be easier for students, teachers, and individual bus drivers.

The morning buses going to Orange High School have been frequently late since the first day of school. Students are missing out on valuable class time because the transportation they rely on is failing to pick them up on time. The easiest and fastest way to fix this problem is to get more buses and more drivers so the individual buses have to pick up less students. This solution would cost the taxpayer more but would be worth it to get students their education.