See Something, Say Something


Alajah Timmons, Brianna Stepp, Staff Writer

Say Something is a youth violence prevention program. It points out to people to say something if they overhear someone talking about some sort of threat to cause themselves or other people harm. The program teaches you to recognize warning signals and signs. If you notice something of this matter then you need to talk to a trusted adult. This would be useful to use because four out of five school shootings have given some warning whether to social media or even a friend. Most people don’t say anything because they think it might be a joke or they don’t want to report a friend and get them in trouble. But it could be really serious you could prevent a future school shooting or even a future suicide. You also can report these types of things anonymously. The program has three steps to follow: the first step is to  recognize the signs, the second is to act immediately and seriously, and the final step is to actually say something.

How does the “Say Something” School program help schools today? Say Something teaches students to open up and express themselves with words rather than actions that are harmful to other students. It makes the school a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. A school is not a school without teachers; teachers play a big role in having a healthy school. Having everybody involved is a great start, Most schools today have students watch and talk about bullying and suicide thoughts. 

Students are faced with so many issues and new challenges everyday, which can cause stress. Most students don’t have the resources that they need to help them. That’s why always having a trusted adult can help. Somebody that’s all ears and gives positive feedback.  It helps educators, parents, and community leaders better help students who speak up about seeing warning signs of self-harm, violence, and victimization. 

Mrs. RuBena Woods/data manager  –  From Nikita Gill “It is absolutely terrifying the kind of deep suffering the happiest looking people are able to hide inside themselves.”  Keeping silent only hurts you let the world know what’s going on.

Ser. Mcvey –  You see more and hear more than I do y’all are the forefront for that action if you won’t tell anyone how we would know. You are helping keep yourself safe by participating in see something say something.

Brandon Bowman 11  –   speaking out against bullying can help people who are dealing with mental issues and it can prevent a lot of bad things from happening because we don’t know whats going on in people’s personal lives and what can happen here and it can also influence someone to do bad things when they are already dealing with bad things.