Fire Technology Class


Erinn Sollars and Mia Leathers

A lot of people at Orange High don’t know that there is a Fire Technology class, But there is! The Fire Tech class is a way for students who want to be future firefighters to get experience. In this article you will learn what the Fire Tech class does and how they prepare for their future jobs. 


Fire Tech is a way for students to prepare to become future firefighters. In Fire Tech, students learn how to use protective equipment, the health and safety behind the fire service, and how to protect themselves. Fire students have to complete weekly practicals. In these practicals the students have to be able to complete certain tasks they have learned correctly. Some of these practicals involve getting in and out of a fire truck, setting up traffic cones, setting up ladders,and dragging dummies around. Kaitlyn Acosta is in Fire Tech and said “ I enjoy using the hands-on equipment because it’s interesting to see what firefighters have to wear and use each day.”


Taking Fire Technology is a great way for students to prepare for the future. The class will help them better protect themselves if they do join the fire service, but even not joining the fire service these skills will teach you to better protect yourself and others in dangerous situations just as a regular citizen in everyday life. Christopher Robertson says “Yes, I do think I can use these skills in the future. These skills are going to continue in Fire Tech 2, and maybe fire fighting in the future.”


Right now in Fire Tech students are learning about, PPE (personal protective equipment), communications, guidelines, health and wellness, and rehab (a set up area for firefighters to take a rest and regain energy while at a scene.) Christopher Robertson says that “I think a lot of the students enjoy the class, they just don’t like taking the test.” Overall students really enjoy Fire Tech class and think it is a good way for students to prepare for the future.