JV volleyball

Brianna Riddle, Staff Writer

The team was cheered on September, 30th at orange high school. It was a very exciting event that happened! it was panthers against red wolves, Orange high school against Cedar ridge high school. The panthers did well in this game, beating red wolves by 15 points, making it 25 to 10. The game took place in the gym of Orange high school at 5 pm, ending at 6 pm, giving the next panthers team 30 minutes of practice time. The school was very excited, many students and parents showed up to watch the game. the bleachers were packed!


The team did an amazing job, they had great team work, and really good skills. Both teams did really well, had great effort, and worked hard. one student from orange high school, that is on the team says she thinks the team did “really great”. Another student from orange high school enjoyed winning, saying ¨I loved beating cedar ridge¨.


At the beginning of the second game both teams were prepared, and were introduced to the crowed. The team was cheered on, which helped motivate the team. The teams were given a ball to practice with, and were first partnered with another student on the team. Then the team started practicing playing against each other, which I believe helped prepare the team.


The team that played in the first game got to watch the second game take place. The players on the team really love volleyball, two students on the team explained to me what they love about playing on the panthers volleyball team. The players love the people that are on the team, and love the game itself.