Are you vaccinated?

Cody Burkhead, Staff

Are you vaccinated? I asked our students and teachers at orange high if they were and got 110 answers. Out of those 110 responses, 87 people are vaccinated and only 19 are not. Pretty impressive I thought. 

Personally I believe in the vaccine, its shown effective results in protecting people from Covid and allowing us to get back to somewhat normal. Of course no vaccine is 100% effective but it has kept everyone out of danger and has avoided death from Covid. I believe every teacher and staff member at the school should be vaccinated in order to keep the students safe from getting Covid. I also think there should be a better plan set in place with students. If you’re vaccinated and come in close contact with someone who has Covid, you should be tested to see if you have it and if you do, you need to be quarantined. I think when it’s raining outside students should be able to eat in the halls or be spaced out in the cafeteria.

 I don’t think it’s 100% safe for us all to be huddled together in a classroom and told to take our masks off and to eat silently. That doesn’t keep us safe from Covid. If we were spaced out in the halls it’ll give us less of a chance to get sick. A common issue I ran into when asking students whether or not they were vaccinated they would tell me that they wanted to be but their parents wouldn’t allow them. I think it should be up to us whether or not we want to get vaccinated and not up to our parents to decide. This is a life saving choice and our parents shouldn’t be able to make that choice for us when it is our bodies our choice. 

In our school I see many people take their masks off throughout the day or have it below their nose. However I still see many teachers just ignore it and not say anything. 

This isn’t going to keep us safe and keep us in school for the rest of the school year.  That’s why everyone should get vaccinated and keep their masks on throughout the school day to keep us in school to see our friends and to get the best highschool experience possible.