New Football Policy

Rachael Quinn and Tylinn Hamlett

Football games at Orange High School have been limited to two spectators per player because people at the games weren’t wearing their masks correctly. Lots of fights were also breaking out, which is dangerous to those involved and those watching.

Anonymous: “I think that this is for the best. People at the football games weren’t wearing their masks like they were supposed to and Orange County doesn’t need any more cases of COVID-19. Keeping people who refuse to wear masks out of football games should help keep cases down, and therefore we can go back to normal soon. There’s a total of 77 people on the football team, so that means 154 people can be invited. Cheerleaders and people in the band can also invite people, which adds a lot more. Personally, I think that’s plenty.”

People in the student section not wearing their masks at an OHS football game

There were a lot of fights at the football games. Someone could have gotten seriously hurt then the school would get in trouble. Their job is to protect us and people often take advantage of that and fight over stupid things.

Anonymous: “I went to a football game on Friday, September 10th. I was sitting down and I saw people starting to run behind the seating area. I didn’t go check it out, but when I got home I looked at Snapchat and I saw a video of two girls fighting. I don’t know what they were fighting about, but it looked pointless.”

We asked three more people (who all wish to remain anonymous) what they think of the new policy. Here are their responses.

“It’s not our fault that there were fights and other people weren’t wearing their masks. We should still be able to go to the football games.”

“I think the new policy is stupid. I feel like we should be able to support our football team and our school while being masked.”

“I like the policy because the people in the student section never follow COVID regulations and they always make rude remarks towards the band.”

Even though some people disagree with the new policy, there isn’t anything we can do about it right now. They will have to deal with the new policy until the people in the student section can learn to behave and follow the COVID regulations correctly.