Do Pets Help?

Zoe Van Tubbergh

Pets are known to be a bundle of joy but we should look at what they actually do for you. One of the biggest things that pets can help is loneliness. Other things that it can help is depression, reducing anxiety and even can decrease blood pressure.

Pets can help you but if you get the wrong one it can actually hurt you. Something you need to worry about is if you can financially support this pet, if you’re in the right mind to. Pets can also carry harmful diseases that would need to be taken care of.

There are also a ton of different varieties of type of animals. Some people would benefit more from a small dainty animal like a guinea pig. While others would prefer a big dog. It all depends on the space you have and what you need.

Service dogs are another big thing. They can help so many people with disabilities. They have to train for years just to help and support people. Service dogs only really became a thing in the Nineteen nineties. They became recognized by the ADA ( American disability act) . Before this dogs would be trained to help people but they would not be called service dogs and wouldn’t always be let into places. 

I looked into 3 people. Cody Burkhead, Rachael Quinn and Kyla Newman.

“Yes I do have pets. I have a bird, his name is sunny and he talks. I also have two dogs. Both of them are small. One is a chihuahua and he is evil. I think my pets have changed me as a person because he makes me less stressed and he has definitely made me more aware of other people.” (Cody Burkhead 11)

“I do have pets, two cats. They are pretty normal sized for cats. Yes, They have changed me as a person. I would say this because I’ve learnt to be more careful and gentle. I love my cats.” (Rachael Quinn 10)

“I have two dogs, they are both small chihuahuas. I love my dogs but they can be so annoying. I don’t think they have changed me in any way. I don’t really hang out with them as much as I should.”

As you can see if someone spends a good amount of time with their pets and loves them then they are more likely to think they have changed since getting them.