Controversy on 5th Block?


Jade Abernathy and Malaya Lowery

One of the many arguable things that Orange High School has done was add 15 minutes to their school day. Those extra 15 minutes have given the school an opportunity to add a 5th period. Since we no longer have plus lunch, the 5th period is 45 minutes at the end of the school day where kids can get help on their work from their teachers. It is mandatory for all students to attend. 


Some students benefit from this but others don’t. Students who need extra help in their classes to catch up on work might enjoy this new class. This is especially helpful for ones who are behind on classwork. The students that don’t need help or tutoring in their classes have to stay an extra 45 minutes at school doing nothing. They are not allowed to leave. Students are extremely frustrated that they have to stay and they can’t leave even when they don’t need any help. 


We believe that if you need help in a class you should go in the morning before school starts or in your free time, where you can make an appointment. There is no reason for a 5th period. There is no need to keep the entire student body at school for tutoring. The kids who don’t need help should be able to leave freely after 4th-period ends. 


There should not be an extension of the time we are at school just for students to get tutoring when not everyone needs it. That should be on them and their teacher to decide a time where they can help the student individually.


 We are high school students who should take the time and effort to go to our teachers if we need help. If we are failing, that’s on us. Plus lunch was optional, not mandatory. 5th period is mandatory, not optional. Students should be able to leave after 4th period freely if they don’t need help with anything. We asked the following students, what’s your opinion on the 5th block? Do you participate in it, do you stay or leave? And do you think we should be in school until 4:15?


Sophomore, Brianna Stepp. “I don’t mind 5th block, I wish it wasn’t so long though. As of right now, I don’t need tutoring or help so I just sit there for 45 minutes doing nothing. I don’t think we should be in school until 4:15, especially because my old school got out way earlier.”


Freshman, Griffin Hauser, “I like 5th block because I can do my homework before I get home. I participate in the 5th block and use it to my advantage. I think we shouldn’t have to be in school until 4:15 because it is a long time and some of us have other things to do.” 


Senior, Nico Markle, “I think 5th is very unnecessary and kind of annoying. I don’t really participate in the 5th block, I don’t think we should be required to stay if we don’t need the 5th block. I think being in school until 4:15 is inconvenient because I work after school and I could be going earlier to work, but instead I am required to stay in school for an extra 45 minutes.”


In conclusion, many kids have after-school jobs and activities and the 5th block pushes those things back. 5th block is meant to do good, yes, but do the pros outweigh the cons? The way we see it they don’t, we know school is important, but with sports and jobs, students get home late and then stay up all night trying to complete their homework, which leads them to not getting enough sleep and falling asleep in class. Is the 5th block really worth it?