New Lunch Rules


Brianna Stepp and Erinn Sollars

Since Orange High school has gone back to in person learning they have come up with some new rules. These rules were created for the safety of the students from Covid-19, but are they really doing us any good? These rules are creating more problems for the students than Covid-19.

The new rules for lunch are only able to eat outside, and on rainy days eating in your classroom.

Only two people are able to eat at a table, you have to sit on the same side at the table, and not be able to talk when eating with your mask off.

Covid is a serious problem and the school needs to have some control over the students to keep them safe, but making students only sit two per table is a bit much, and because all of the tables are being taken up by so few people there is nowhere for the rest of the students to sit. Students are having to sit on the ground, random chairs, and walls. Having no tables left for students to eat at is making them sit right next to each other just not at a table.

How is that any safer? Students are also not sitting with random people at lunch, we sit with our friends who we know. If one of them had Covid the rest of them would have most likely gotten it too.

Also, while students are in class they are sitting very close to one another, and when it rains outside and we can’t eat outside they have to eat in their classroom. I thought we couldn’t eat inside ever. The rules kind of contradict themselves.

We went around to ask other students and teachers what they thought of the new lunch rules. This is what they had to say about them.

One student said, “I personally do not like the new lunch routine. I believe that we are meant to socialize while we eat and they are taking that away from us. How are we supposed to make friends? Class time isn’t social time.” -Destiny Davis (12)

The assistant principal said, “I’m really glad that kids can sit outside to eat lunch. I think the two per table is necessary due to Covid just because we are trying to make sure students are safe at all times.” -Mrs.Williamson (assistant principal)

Another student said,“Well I always sit alone at lunch so it doesn’t really bother me as much, but I think the two to a table is a little bit much with everything. I think if they were going to do that then they should allow us to eat inside due to space” – Alajah Timmons (10)

We understand that the school has to make rules to keep students safe, but there is a better way of keeping the students safe and also letting them socialize like normal.