Picture Day Memories

Zoe Van Tubbergh and Rachael Quinn


What is the significance of picture day? All of our moms have said when you’re older you will look back at all the memories. Who actually does that though?


Let’s take a look at the history behind picture day. Picture day dates back to the early 20th century. Olan Mills and Lifetouch were two of the first companies to supply school photography and were founded in the 1930s. The picture that they used to take would be published and would be used for students’ public appearance records, so it was no joke. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with that. Now National School Picture Day is known on the second Thursday of September every year. 

Ella Wimsatt (10) getting her picture taken.


Picture day rolls around twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The fall pictures are shown in a yearbook that everybody buys. The day before picture day everyone is stressing about what to wear and on picture day everyone is hurrying to get their hair done and makeup set. Why do people care so much about how they look in a school photo? We asked Cody Burkhead (11), Channing Mahaney (10) and Isabelle Lynn (10) about their thoughts on picture day.


“I think it’s awkward posing and stuff. I’m always awkward because I don’t know what to do. It’s embarrassing to look back at your old yearbook photos but it’s fun to look back at other people’s.” (Cody Burkhead)


“I think it’s stupid and we shouldn’t have to take pictures if we don’t want to. I think this because I’m insecure and I don’t like my face on things. We should also be able to see the picture. I think we should be able to come in whenever and have like five minutes with the photographer.” (Channing Mahaney)


“I think it’s fun because we get to take a little time out of class but it is kind of awkward.” (Isabelle Lynn)


Personally we think what they said sums it up perfectly. No one will want to look back at what they looked like 5 years ago, but it’s always fun to look at the people around you. We think that as much as we hate it, it is a good thing to do just in case your mom was right and you wanted to look back at the memories.