The “lunch” mix-up

Brianna Riddle, Staff Writer

At orange high school lunch has been very different than the years before. Everyday there’s something new.

At the beginning of the school year, students were allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but as the week progressed, students had to eat either in the classroom or outside, depending on what their teacher chose.

Then there was a no-talking rule unless masks are on. But then all students had to eat outside.

Some students don’t get to eat until late in the afternoon, around 1:35 pm, and many say “it’s unfair.” Most students are hungry way before their lunch time. Students in the lunch A group get to eat very early in the day, which could mess their eating schedule up and make them want dinner earlier than usual.

The lunch schedule is split up into different groups, depending on your 3rd block. There are 4 different lunchtimes.

Some students that have been going to Orange High School for a couple of years now say lunchtime to them feels like “snack time”. Lunch only last 25 minutes, and all grades have to go by their 3rd block lunch schedule.

One student says, “I personally don’t like how short lunch is, and I can’t eat with all my friends.”

Due to the coronavirus students have to wear a mask at all times unless they are eating or taking a sip of their drink.

Before covid-19 students had Plus Lunch, which allowed lunch to be an hour long. During Plus Lunch you were allowed to either eat lunch or get help from teachers if you need help on your assignments. You also were able to study.

Since covid-19, there is no more Plus Lunch, and the students that have been going to OHS for a couple of years now say lunch is “way different than the Plus Lunch we had 2 years ago”.

A student suggested, “The school should let some students eat inside and outside so everyone has a table they can sit at.” This way some students that only have chairs to sit in or the ones that sit on the group during lunch can have a table they can sit at.

I have to agree with this student because it would definitely help students spread out more and make lunch easier for students.