school play “the outsiders”


Auditions for the school play, The Outsiders took place on the 2nd and 3rd of September at 4:30 pm in the theatre room. It was a very interesting experience, which gave me the opportunity to learn about drama club. Personally I would never do drama, but to watch someone be so brave and to audition for a school play, I think is pretty amazing. Some people were nervous, some people has experience in school play’s and drama clubs. One person from orange high said ” I did NTC sophomore year and it was my most favorite role”, this person wasn’t nervous because he had been in a school play before. while other’s this audition was their very first time, some reportedly said that they were “very nervous”.


school play’s are important for a variety of reasons, one person said “because it gets people involved with the school”. I think school play’s are important because they bring people together for an interesting event. Even some schools do charity’s at school play’s. 


many people were inspired to do this specific play for a variety of reasons, one person was fascinated to do this school play because they “read the book and fell in love with it”- one person said. One person was interested in auditioning for a school play because it was fun to them. Another person was interested in theatre because of family that did theatre long ago, “I had family that did theatre way back”- say’s a student at orange high school.


There are some really cool people that auditioned for the school play! I know the play is going to be great.